Retail Tour New York

From may 13 to 16, join us in exploring London's business strategies.

The Retail Tour is a three-day visit to a city which is an internationally-renowned business leader. The goal of the trip is to learn about business strategies which are being employed in other countries in order to innovate, consolidate, and internationalize our business models.

Why New York?



The Retail Tour project makes other international experiences available to retail businesses. These will help you to make medium- and long-term decisions about your business in order to clearly set your company apart from the competition and consolidate your business models.


The project was launched in 2004 and our first tour experience took place in Paris. Since then, the Chamber of Commerce has organized 10 Retail Tours with more than 120 retail businesses from different industries and business models. Each business was already firmly established and had made a decision to grow in both form and scale. Since the project began, tours have traveled to Paris (2004 and 2007), New York (2005, 2008 and 2011), London (2006, 2009 and 2012), Berlin (2007), and Tokyo (2008 and 2010), providing the opportunity to learn from these top-notch international leading business cities.


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