Download Kmspico Activator For Windows & Office

Download Kmspico Activator

Do you want to activate your windows with Kmspico activator? The free and latest final version of KMS software for Windows 10, 8 and 7. Dowload KMSpico 11 software the ultimate activation master.

KMSPICO replaces the installed key of the Windows and Microsoft office with a licensed key, and it creates an imitate detail of the KMS server in the operating system and compels the software on the server of KMS for activation.

Before you go to install Kms pico tool, you should know more about it.

Turn Off Anti Virus Before Downloading

Download KMSpico

What is KMSPICO?

KMSPICO is a software service for Software Activation of Microsoft, which got deployed in a corporate situation. It is the most lucrative and updated tool to activate the Operating Systems and Microsoft Office within no time.

The product activated by KMSPICO should get active again after the half-year because it only works for 180 days. By activating the KMS, an activation server generates to reconstitute the process to run two times in a day. And in establishing the software there was no involvement of Microsoft Corporation.

The supporting versions of KMS are summarized in the table.

How to Download and Install the KMSPICO Activator?

Download KMSpico from -

If Kmspico does not work for you, You can try windows 10 activation without product keys .

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is to Turn off the malware for the Operating System.
  2. Now download the KMSPIOC .exe file from the official website (
  3. Click on the installer to install; the other way to Install is from the KMS site of official download links.
  4. After clicking the KMS activator, the next thing is to click on the YES button; depending on the Operating System, a Window will appear with different layouts.
  5. To start the activation in OD servers, click on the Red button to process the activation.
  6. For the preview of the activation process, click on the Token Tab and then click the "I" icon in the blue box, this will popup your System Version, and also, Activation standings will be visible.
  7. To check the activation status, right-click on the My PC for Windows 10, this will give the complete view of Windows Activation, and other programs can also get tested from their Properties.
  8. From now, you are good to go, and the system is successfully activated. Now you can access the full functionality of the system.

What are Features of KMS PICO?

Team DAZ programs the most trusted and most excellent tool for Windows 10 Activation, a well-known group of hackers, as a gift they made this tool free so every user of Microsoft can use and enjoy.

Windows Activation:

KMSPICO Activator permits the Operating System user to activate the Windows of Microsoft. And because this tool is free, everyone is using it in the whole world.

Office Activation:

Like Windows, the office is the other mostly used application for many valuable purposes e.g., Studying and learning with many more users.

Supports N-Bit:

There is no need t worry because this application supports both x32 and x64 versions of Windows and also of office.

Activation for Lifetime:

Also, free of cost, this product is Play Button with lifespan activation for Windows and Office N-bit version.

Virus Protected:

KMSPICO Activator is One Hundred Percent virus protected from, and there is no possibility of damaging the Operating System. To be sure, this tool scanned by the Virus Total, and they got nothing to form it, which can damage your computer. In addition to the protection, it does not carry any malware and key-loggers.


Now, from virus protection and damage to your PC, there is again Portable Version made for those how are still worried about it. It works without installation and only activates the Windows by a specific process.

In the KMSPICO activator, there is no fraud involved in-fact it the most proper tool in most activators on the internet, and Microsoft caught no Fraud from KMSPICO Activator.

Windows 10 Activator:

Correctly, this application is used to activate Windows 10; it the most suitable version to activate the windows because there is no need for a license or key to run the software, and most importantly. 

There is no need for previous illegal settings before installation for running this tool.

Not Specified Skills Needed:

To use the application ad install for your activation of windows and software, it does not need any specified skills. However, it is straightforward and straightforward in comparison to other Activators systems.

Light in size:

If there is no space or some issue with storage, this tool gives you an extra feature with no ample room, it is about 5 Mega-Bites of application. If the room in your hard drive is low, this is the best fit for you.

No Detection of Fraud:

There are ways to activate the Windows by many frauds, and previously Microsoft made a program that discovers that the fraud activation, and if they detect that a scam activates the activation, they immediately take action. With the substantial penalty, they ban the Operating System.

The main feature which KMS Activator provides is listed, and if you want to learn about the software, you should go through all these features.

Why KMSPICO Activator?

So, to explain the question, I have given every basic knowledge of software above, and below are also some reasons you should check the KMS Activator.

  1. KMSPICO is safe or not to install?

The answer is YES, it is One Hundred Percent safe to Install and use.

  1. Does KMSPICO activate Microsoft Office Versions?

Any Version of Office can get Activated by KMS activator.

  1. Is KMSPICO free to download and use?

Yes, Software is One Hundred Percent free of cost for lifespan.

  1. Do I have to Uninstall Antivirus to Install KMS?

No, not at all. You need to disable the malware for some time to install the Activation Key, and then you can again enable the malware.

  1. Do I have to be Pro to use this tool?

The answer is No because the tool is straightforward to use and Install.